And So Say All Of Us

And So Say All Of Us is a funny and engaging novel about three women from Johannesburg, South Africa, overcoming the challenges of growing up and growing older:

Ruby Fraser is fast approaching her mid-thirties, with very little to show for it: no kids, a dodgy boyfriend, a hideous job and a wobbly bum. ‘To do by October:’ she writes on her cigarette packet, one brandy-soaked evening. ‘Stop smoking. Fall pregnant. Run ½ marathon. Resign from hell-job.’ But nothing runs smoothly and, in spite of her best efforts, things are soon going hilariously awry.

Wealthy widow, Janet Vere, is staring her dotage right in the well-preserved face. After spending a lifetime fighting her body’s natural inclinations (all that plucking, lifting and separating – and for what?), she decides to let it all hang out. But is this new Janet any more real than the old one? She leaves no stone unturned in the process of finding out, as she gains weight, loses her inhibitions, poisons her friends and starts a cult.

A perfectly formed princess with a perfectly formed life, Lulu Green has been fighting the idea that there must be more than this: more than the spectacular wedding extravaganza she is hurtling towards; more than never being seen in the same outfit twice. But when a real challenge enters her life – in the gorgeous form of Luasi Moyene – she wishes she had spent as much time developing her character as she spent developing her glutes.

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